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I am Eszter Benedek, a 28 year old self taught artist, from Hungary (Tát). After the secondary school of Economics I studied foreign trade, then I took a degree at the Pannon University in Veszprém on the faculty of tourism. After the university I began to work in a travel agency. Thanks to my job in the last years I had the opportunity to meet interesting people. I could discover severeal Hungarian citites and foreign countries.

Besides my work I take delight in art. I have been drawing and painting horses ever since I can remember. I also focus on cats or any other animal that might catch my fancy. As I cannot have a horse, I decided to create them in my artwork. Sometimes I paint still life, landscapes or portraits, but my favourite topic is wildlife. I like the act of painting, working mostly in watercolour, although I enjoy utilizing the
variety of technics so I use coloured pencil and pastel as well. I took part in
the basics oil painting course of Veronika M Simon in 2009.

I liked and enjoyed the lessons, so I did the advanced course in 2010, too. Nowadays I attend the lessons of Veronika once a month. I love the richness and depth of colour and texture you can achieve with this medium. You can find the SMV2000 paintings in the gallery.

Since 2009 I am the member of the team, which operates the biggest equine website in Hungary. I paint the horse graphics for "Hokalovi" virtual stable game. Thanks to this fruitful relationship I have opportunity to ride in a near western ranch.

I really hope you enjoy looking at my selection of work. I welcome commissions from any area of equestrianism, wildlife and pet portrait . If you have any suggestion or question please do not hesitate to contact me.